December 2008 Archives

  1. Feel more productive by the time you finish this post
  2. A feeble attempt at "pundintry"
  3. Never too random for words
  4. Naming rights for this blog are available*
  5. "Willful ignorance" may win out
  6. The story of Knoxville Talks
  7. Merry Christmas peeps
  8. Make a plan for "Watching the Detectives"
  9. See you in Nashville
  10. Blog it test
  11. Gingerbread in the house
  12. 'Facebookgate' unraveled by a couple college recruiters
  13. Trends in my random patterns
  14. Trust me, if it happened, it's covered on Twitter
  15. Tidings are not always glad
  16. Improving but not reinventing
  17. Pragmatically positive predictions for 2009
  18. Tis the season
  19. Quotable: It won't be benign in 2009
  20. An unlikely savior
  21. Two-minute inspiration
  22. It's not about video, but relevance
  23. America's fastest dying cities
  24. Judge takes meat cleaver to First Amendment
  25. About those paper profits
  26. Nothing magical about this number
  27. The Year of Palin
  28. Quotable: Good advice
  29. I feel smarter already
  30. Let them eat cake
  31. The void will be filled
  32. Ink-stained wretch in search of ink-stained wretch
  33. The new, new thing: White trash computing
  34. A business model built on intransigence
  35. Aww, come on, be a friend
  36. In these times
  37. Things are slower in the South -- even on the Internet