Google exec goes into the local news briar patch

Does Google need a hyperlocal news play to crack the local advertising market? Or has Google’s Tim Anderson just recognized a bunch of smart people?

You got to like his stated motivations:

Tim believes that Patch should be in every community in America, and wants Patch in his town. He wants to read local news stories done by journalists, make sure that local government is transparent and accountable, see all the ways he can give back to his community, and have his town be as interesting and alive online as it is offline.

I say best of luck to Patch. With Phillip Meyer and Jeff Jarvis as senior advisors, they’ve got quite a brain trust.

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  1. Maybe this is the reboot on the local machine they want to build. I wondered which way they might go to grow local roots after halting the sell of local print ads.
    Where they say that each town will have one reporter assigned to cover news sounds like they are going at under staffed. If Patch augments the local coverage with reader generated content it might mean that on top of reporting, the solo reporter will also taking on the role of editor also. It sounds like the type of job that will have a lot of turnovers.

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