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The informal agreement among several Tennessee newspapers to share content as well as some ideas on how to carry it beyond that is getting a good bit of attention. Editor & Publisher also is coming out with a “major feature” on content sharing this week which will be interesting to see.

Kent Flanagan, Jay Rosen and Jeff Jarvis are thinking about ways newspapers can take content sharing beyond newspapers. Interesting stuff; interesting times.

Here;s what is being said. (Know of one I missed, send me a link to jack @ jacklail.com.)

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  1. No matter how many times someone screams “local, local, local” at the KNS, it never seems to stick does it?
    I can get news from all of the papers mentioned in some of your links via the internet. Because of that, I expect the Sentinel to focus on only Knoxville.
    Is going hyperlocal too much to ask?

  2. User behavior rather than sentiment suggests that Internet users often have interests beyond what is happening in their zip or neighborhood, which is how I define hyperlocal.
    I don’t think covering Knoxville is hyperlocal; it’s not that small. We do have hyperlocal community coverage, news at the neighborhood level, but it’s not a particularly high traffic area for us.
    What we do focus on is news content that is of interest to our local audience and we try to provide that.
    You’re not asking too much; you’re asking too little.

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