Kindle to the rescue

Maybe there’s something to this Kindle thing. People willing to pay for news content who wouldn’t subscribe to a print newspaper. And geeks like it.

Remember, we’re at version two. Most technology products don’t really get prime time until version 3. Hey, I’m not into the Kool-Aid so far as to believe it’s the answer, but it could one be one of many needed answers.

Update: Katie Allison Granju doesn’t see the advantages over smartphones and free content.


  1. Perhaps, but it still comes down to content. How many newspapers are left that have decent content?

  2. We would love to replace our newspaper subscription, for which we’re paying almost 150 dollars a yea, I think, with the Kindle version. We’d save a lot of money. But the cost of the Kindle is a hurdle to overcome since we’re a 1-income household at present (I’m looking for a job).

  3. Maybe if they reach a mass market price. Right now they are about as much as a low end laptop, making them essentially toys for the wealthy.
    Now if newspapers had a deal like a 2 year’s subscription, including the Kindle, that might help.
    I think the real trouble is just lack of content. Why buy a newspaper if nothing in it is worth reading? I used to only get it for the comics and sports. The sports section in my local rag dwindled to about 8 pages, none very insightful (there being better alternatives online).

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