Kindle to the rescue

Maybe there’s something to this Kindle thing. People willing to pay for news content who wouldn’t subscribe to a print newspaper. And geeks like it.

Remember, we’re at version two. Most technology products don’t really get prime time until version 3. Hey, I’m not into the Kool-Aid so far as to believe it’s the answer, but it could one be one of many needed answers.

Update: Katie Allison Granju doesn’t see the advantages over smartphones and free content.

6 replies on “Kindle to the rescue”

Maybe if they reach a mass market price. Right now they are about as much as a low end laptop, making them essentially toys for the wealthy.
Now if newspapers had a deal like a 2 year’s subscription, including the Kindle, that might help.
I think the real trouble is just lack of content. Why buy a newspaper if nothing in it is worth reading? I used to only get it for the comics and sports. The sports section in my local rag dwindled to about 8 pages, none very insightful (there being better alternatives online).

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