Month: July 2009

  • A stranger than fiction story line that’s true

    I go out of town for a couple of days and return to the surreal. Liberal Randy Neal and conservative Brian Hornback united in defending a blogger for the News Sentinel, a media company neither has been shy about calling out when they’ve felt moved to do so. And that happens with some regularity. (Hornback […]

  • A tool for creating clear understanding and agreement, a new site from a veteran group of Knoxville online entreprenuers, is going into wider beta testing. What is Shaketool? It’s a Web-driven system for reaching agreement and, along the way, increasing mutual understanding. Is it for you? Beats me. Give it a try and find out. It’s the latest project of the group […]

  • And you wonder about what’s wrong with newspapers

    Seth Resler found the newspaper itself a barrier to advertising. And the sad truth is, he could repeat experience in many cities. A tale of #fail. (via Bob Benz)