Credential Crud continues; victims fighting back

The Associated Press and Gannett say their reporters will not sign the new Southeastern Conference Media Credential Policy.

“The credential restrictions would be untenable,” said Mark Silverman, editor of
the Tennessean, which covers the SEC’s University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt
University. “They fail to recognize that we are not just a newspaper. We use a
variety of mediums and I believe we are going to be able to make a prior
restraint argument.”

— AP.

The News Sentinel, a part of the E.W. Scripps company, has also decided not to sign the agreement as is.

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  1. The SEC is truly, truly, ignorant of the potential of social media and the web. The exposure these provide far outweigh the negatives of not getting properly paid for “their property”. If anything, the SEC should be taking advantage of these new mediums. I applaud the AP as well as the others for refusing to sign this agreement.
    If you couldn’t tell, I’m no expert on this type of subject..but I do know enough to know that the SEC is acting stupidly here.

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