Damn, they know how to stroke my ego

Woohoo, I got an email this morning that this blog had been named one of the Top 100 Journalism blogs by The Daily Reviewer, which I wasn’t familiar with, but which seems to be a Web title of Times-Shamrock Communications in Pennsylvania. Whoops. It appears to have been created by Azure Web Design in the Philippines. (Thanks, Kathy!)

It’s a nice aggregator of blogs, similar to, of which this blog is also included in the journalism category.

Try both of ’em out.

5 replies on “Damn, they know how to stroke my ego”

Jack Lail, uberblogger. I suppose now you’ll be sharing afternoon cocktails with Arianna, Drudge and Jarvis. Oh, to be a fly on that wall.
(Meanwhile, all I get on my blog these days are Cialis and faux-Coach handbag offers in the spam bucket. It might help if I posted more than once a quarter, or had anything new to say.)

Hi Jack! Congratulations.
But The Daily Reviewer is not one of ours — the Web site owned by Times-Shamrock (my employer) is and it’s a simple
I wish I owned The Daily Reviewer!
Hope you are well.

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