Yahoo! at 15

Image via CrunchBase

Missed the company’s birthday by a few days, but Yahoo! was  incorporated on March 1, 1995.

If you had bought in at the opening $24.50 back then and kept the stock through the 5 splits you would have 24 shares for each initial one. So you would have $377.52 as of close of trading today (3/2/2010) – given the current value of $15.73. Interestingly this would be a little over 15 times your initial investment. (Search Engine Land)

The years other Internet companies were started.

I seem to enjoy marking Yahoo’s birthdays. Here is what its home page looked like in 1996 from the WayBackMachine archive.



  1. I remember accessing Yahoo when it was still being run out of a dorm room and before it had any graphics or logos or anything. It was a big list of lists.
    Everybody was looking for stuff on the new “world wide web” and there wasn’t much but Yahoo already knew about most of it.
    I believe I used a browser called Cello, and the Trumpet winsock TCP/IP stack over a 1200 baud modem.
    Trivia: “Yahoo” stands for “yet another hierarchical object organizer.”

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