Month: September 2010

  • Arbiters of our future

    An effort I’m involved with at E.W. Scripps to have editors and online directors redefine the company’s strategies and to hire 40 paid interns across the company to help free us a bit from the day-to-day demands so we will have the time to take a penetrating look at what the company’s newspapers need to […]

  • Text is just for context

    Image via CrunchBase In the text-centric world of media, Gawker Media brash boy Nick Denton lobs another grenade: People don’t really want to read text,” Denton said. “They want videos, they want images, bigger, more lavish.” In other words, consumers are looking for online media products that more closely resemble TV and magazines. — Gawker […]

  • Random evolution: We split the gene pool

    After 1,665 entries over more than five years, I’ve decided to split this blog in two, with this one renamed to reflect the domain name,, and a new Random Mumblings blog at This will remain my professional presence and Random Mumblings will be a bit more … random. What’s up with this? There’s […]