Month: November 2010

  • Paid content on iPads: Mistaking a rerun for a ‘do over’

    Image via Wikipedia You hear a lot of newspaper execs and editors talking about getting a “do over” with iPads and other tablets with the opportunity to create subscription content instead of relying solely on advertising-supported content business models. This line of argument goes: Since newspapers made the “mistake” of putting all their content the […]

  • Clarifying the perfectly clear is to muddle

    This move to “clarify” the laws looks like an attempt to close more government records in Tennessee. State Rep. Vince Dean said it ‘makes sense’ that any e-mail sent on a public computer would be a public record. But the law itself does not address the issues that have muddied its interpretation. ‘Any time you’ve […]

  • Let’s see there’s AP, Reuters, CNN and Twitter

     …there is something interesting in what (Twitter founder Biz) Stone seemed to be describing: using the massive stream of 100 million tweets a day that flows through Twitter as the basis of a kind of digital-age Associated Press or Reuters newswire, which news organizations could share and use as a tool for distributed eye-witness reporting […]