Month: February 2011

  • There is life after a newspaper’s death; sometimes a better one

    John Temple, last editor of the Rocky Mountain News takes a look in a piece in Atlantic magazine at what has happened to his former staff two years after the closing of the newspaper. Temple wrote: A survey I just conducted of the 194 members of the paper’s editorial staff on its last day found […]

  • Editors armed with iPhones and notebooks invade Kennedy Space Center

    Last week, E.W. Scripps editors, website managers, and corporate interactive folks (among others) took a break from strategic planning in a windowless hotel conference room in Orlando to tour the Kennedy Space Center. It was part of the work being done for the launch of a new space site, which officially debuts Thursday. It’s live […]

  • Clark Gilbert and the ‘Inscrutable Dilemma’

    Clark Gilbert, speaking to newspaper industry executives earlier today at the Multimedia Key Executives Conference said: “A complete transformation is necessary to move forward and to be competitive” with new businesses entering the marketplace, adding that he believed the industry has a three-year window to make the necessary changes. “The industry is forever broken. It […]