Month: May 2011

  • Cultural Change for journalists and newsrooms

    More coverage on Twitter of the BBC Social Media Summit. (via Anna Tarkov) Related articles BBC Social Media Summit: Newsrooms need a mix of skills and cultures #bbcsms ( #bbcsms – Cultural Change ( Link love: BBC Social Media Summit catch-up #bbcsms ( Use data to inform newsroom decisions, says panel at #bbcsms ( #bbcsms: […]

  • Damn, somebody cussed on my wall again

    47% of our users have profanity on their Facebook Wall. 80% of our users who have profanity on their Facebook Wall have at least one post/comment with profanity from a friend. 56% of the posts/comments with profanity on a user’s Facebook Wall come from friends. Users are twice as likely to use profanity in a […]

  • New sources mean familiar sources

    New survey out on how journalists use Twitter, Facebook and social networks. But conventional PR sources far outweighed the use of social media for story ideas, with 62 per cent of journalists sourcing stories from PR agences and 59 per cent from corporate spokespersons. Journalists seemed more reluctant to turn to social media to help […]