Improving comments by having fewer

The Ventura County Star has started limiting comments to just a handful of stories a day.  Editor Joe Howry wrote a column about what the newspaper is doing.

He wrote:

If, as they say, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, then allowing anonymous comments on stories on our website added an express lane to that Godforsaken highway.

What began as a well-meaning attempt to engage our readers in thought-provoking, informative conversations about local issues turned into a cesspool of vitriol, name-calling, rudeness and even racism. What's worse, the vast majority of these conversations are being conducted by just a handful of people who so dominate the discussions they either scare away or run off anyone who tries to engage in civil dialogue.

There is no set number of stories on which comments are allowed, but it's a small number so they can closely watch the comments on those articles. Comments are turned off on most breaking news stories, particularly accident stories.

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