Month: July 2011

  • The War on Photography

    Attrorney Morgan Manning writing in a perspective column running in this Sunday’s Knoxville News Sentinel: A simple Google search reveals countless incidents of overzealous law enforcement officials detaining or arresting photographers, and in many cases confiscating their cameras and memory cards, despite the fact that these individuals were in lawful places at lawful times, partaking […]

  • HuffPost arrives (again)

    Image by Getty Imagesvia @daylife Huffington Post gets its own AP Stylebook entry: The Huffington Post news website is affiliated with AOL. It’s HuffPost in shortened form. Related articles AOL’s HuffPost Enters Crowded Celebrity Arena Online With HuffPost Celebrity Site ( Huffington Post Expands, ‘Deepens’ Celebrity Coverage ( Thanks for the Apology, Huffington Post. Now […]

  • The geography of Knoxville cell phone calls

    This screen shot shows where Knox County AT&T mobile phone users call in total minutes from aggregated, anonymous AT&T data. It’s a cool interactive map, you can look up counties and view by call minutes or number of text messages. (Click on the image to see a larger version.) It’s part of a MIT research […]