Month: August 2011

  • Important ruling in Cops vs. Cell Phone Videos

    The right to film police in the performance of their public duties in a public space is a “basic, vital, and well-established liberty safeguarded by the First Amendment,” a federal appellate court held last week, marking a major victory in a time when arrests for such activities have been on the rise. — The Reporters […]

  • A Google+ discussion about news comments

    Google+ will undoubtedly have many impacts on the journalism uses of Social Media. I’m looking forward to reading what the other contributors to the August edition of the Carnival of Journalism muse about. One of the more interesting issues that has been rekindled is over the use of real names vs “handles” or users names […]

  • Newsrooms that say they are succeeding at the ‘two-way street’ are mostly lying

    new post from me at GigaOM: “Memo to newspapers: The future of media is a two-way street” tip @mediagazerWed Aug 17 22:17:07 via TweetDeckMathew Ingrammathewi Even if newsrooms don’t want to adopt Joy Mayer’s value statements listed below, this should be something newsrooms are discussing. Many journalists are still very uncomfortable with the “two-way […]