Month: August 2011

  • 10 Years of Instapundit

    A brief history of Glenn Reynolds’ Instapundit blog and blogging. Reynolds started his blog a decade ago this Image by jacklail via Flickr week, but it was a few weeks later when his blog caught national and international attention in the 9/11 terrorists attacks. He has built a large and loyal audience based on his […]

  • tries gamification to improve comments

    Image via Wikipedia The Redding Record Searchlight in California has launched a beta gamification or “game dynamics” project that aims to improve the quality of conversation on its newspaper-dot-com site. It includes badges, points, a beefed up profile and a “leaderboard.” Editor Silas Lyons writes: I’m particularly excited about some changes to the comment section. […]

  • There’s a 100 million things you could say about this

    Obviously Arianna Huffington views comments as an asset to Huffington Post. The site just passed its 100 millionth comment and averages 175,000 a day. Quick show of hands. How many newspaper editors see comments as an asset of their websites? I thought so. Despite whatever one thinks about Arianna Huffington as a journalist; one thing’s […]