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Chirstmas Treats
This month’s Carnival of Journalism is themed for the holiday season.


With it being December, we thought we would adopt a Christmas theme for this month’s topic – and pick something, in keeping with being hosted by a Developer blog, that we could ask of both technologists and journalists.

If you are a journalist, what would be the best present from programmers and developers that Santa Claus could leave under your Christmas tree?

And, correspondingly, if you are a programmer or developer, what would be the best present from journalism that Father Christmas could deliver down your chimney?

This is easy: I want surprises from developers and programmers!

Not bug fixes or tweaks or enhancements or incremental improvements or iterations.

I want a solution I didn’t think of to a need.

I want a solution to a need I didn’t think of.

More than I want to admit I am a prisoner of the paradigms of my profession, my industry, the culture of my company, and the work flows and tools I have at hand.

I’m lucky to work with a few that do come up with ideas that amaze me.

To make it happen, I think developers have to have blocks of free work time scheduled in. Google’s 20 percent time program is one company’s well-documented effort to encourage this.

Give me the creative side, the artist within, the where-did-that come-from.

So, surprise me. Awe me with the wonderment of a wide-eyed four-year-old.

And, oh yes, you don’t have to wait until Christmas. Anytime is just fine.

I think you will find the other Carnival wish lists somewhere around here within a few days.

(The box of chocolates is from Blackberry Creek Confections.)


  1. The best gift for developers (and i’m going to say designers, too because that’s where innovation comes from) in the news industry:
    To have a company willing to allow for your wish. It’s hard to innovate, when innovations are shut down in favor of “Well all the other papers are doing it.”
    /shrug It’s just a reality of the industry right now and it’s sad.

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