Month: January 2012

  • Newspapers thought it would always be so

    Journalism professor Jay Rosen posed this question on Sunday: @johnrobinson Now if we could only figure out when (for the readers) “our newspaper” became “the” newspaper… When and how… Exactly how.Sun Jan 01 19:10:29 via webJay Rosen jayrosen_nyu @johnrobinson I’d love to read an extended blog post by you on that question. And you’re the […]

  • My most read blog posts in 2011

    My most read blog posts during 2011 include only three written in 2011. Long tail at work or did I just used to write more interesting posts? A handful of these also made the list for the most read in 2010. In the ring: Dolly vs Google (2008) Just how did Benton’s Bacon become a […]