Month: May 2014

  • Another year, another year older

    Researcher Greg Harmon of Borrell Associates says the average age of a print newspaper reader is 57 and the average newspaper web visitor is 51.  Saying the industry’s aging demographics ought to have “everyone’s hair on fire,” Harmon notes that newspaper readers have been getting a year older every year for more than a decade.  […]

  • The weight of establishment and tradition

    A great piece from Om Malik on media. There’s lot of food for thought in this piece. Among his highlights: No one could’ve predicted FB and Twitter as the boosters for media and this is why we’ve seen so much change and new models. The problem with media is that it’s trying to find a […]

  • The cheerleader, The Dirty and the court case that could change the Internet forever

    The fate of a law that was passed in the infancy of the commercial Internet and which created the legal underpinnings for everything from anonymous comments by trolls on news stories to your pet photo on Facebook was argued today in the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. The case involves a defamation […]