Author: Jack Lail

  • Let them eat cake had cake yesterday. From Magpies. iPhone photo.

  • The void will be filled

    One could quibble with Andrew Sullivan’s facts and figures and even his prediction that newspapers will nearly vanish from your hands while you’re reading their pages, but he’s got the trend line and the economic riddle mostly right, I think: To give my own example: I started blogging eight years ago. My once quirky blog, […]

  • Ink-stained wretch in search of ink-stained wretch

    Seattle-based journalist Sanjay Bhatt has created “The Ink-Stained Wretches Club,” a Ning group, according to the Fitz and Jen blog on the Editor & Publisher Web site. Being an ink-stained wretch, I joined up. But that got me wondering who coined the commonly-used phrase “ink-stained wretch?” A cursory walk through Google turned up no definitive […]