Author: Jack Lail

  • In these times

    Crowd-sourcing layoffs at Gannett.

  • Things are slower in the South — even on the Internet

    PCmag gathered 200,000 speed tests from 17,000 users, coupled it with some other broadband penetration data and analyzed the numbers. They’ve mashed the data it various ways, including a ranking of states by Internet access speed. The analysis did find Internet speeds on average are slightly slower in the Southern region than the rest of […]

  • Quotable: Raw and with context

    … the future of media is being split into two streams: one that consists of raw news that comes like a torrent from sources such as Twitter, mobile messages and photos, the other, from old media. The eyewitness dispatches (and photos) via social media are an adjunct to the more established media — which needs […]