Author: Jack Lail

  • Quotable: Raw and with context

    … the future of media is being split into two streams: one that consists of raw news that comes like a torrent from sources such as Twitter, mobile messages and photos, the other, from old media. The eyewitness dispatches (and photos) via social media are an adjunct to the more established media — which needs […]

  • Odds are, they’re great at yesterday’s business

    Seth Godin on the innovator’s dilemma and The New York Times.

  • Cranberry crunch testing and tasting

    Early this morning I made some Cranberry Crunch to bring to the office (recipe below). I’m not sure where I got that recipe, but it meets my easy test. I used the results to test how well the new Nokia N96 we have takes photos. The flash was turned off and the camera was set […]