Author: Jack Lail

  • Tennesseans quoted in Forbes’ “Thoughts”

    Two Tennesseans are included in the popular quotes column “Thoughts on the Business of Life” feature in the Nov. 10, 2008, issue of Forbes magazine. All of the quotes are about politics and the financial crisis. Today I am going to cast a red, white and blue-collar vote with my hand over my heart for […]

  • From glue pot to blog post

    Randy Neal covers a panel discussion we were on yesterday at a journalism class at the University of Tennessee. In addition to myself, the panel consisted of Neal, the creator of, former Scripps digital exec Bob Benz now of Maroon Ventures, former News Sentinel city editor and retired federal court official Don K. Ferguson, […]

  • Alison Stewart sighting

    I woke up this morning and lo and behold in my inbox I did see, legit comments on a post I had written in May 2006. What’s up with that? Timeless prose is doubtful. The post happened to be about Alison Stewart and I checked Google trends and her name was No. 18 early today, […]