Abandoning the News

There seem to a spate of articles about the future of news and newspaper — most of them filled with dire predictions.
One of the most thought-provoking I’ve seen appeared this week: Merrill Brown’s “Abandoning the News” report for the Carnegie Corp.

Even if the daily newspaper industry’s advertising revenue dwarfs its Internet business, the future of the American newspaper will be defined online from both a future readership point of view and perhaps in terms of future revenue streams as well. It is time for print industry investments in Internet products to match the online audience size and the extraordinary magnitude of the migration to digital news delivery.

My, my it’s interesting time.

Paper Profits

Ole Venob had a call from someone who said a copy of the News Sentinel Pat Summitt edition was selling for 41 bucks.
Yep, sure thing. Here’s the link.
Another seller has same paper up to $15.

‘New News’ Retro

Nora Paul has some good reading at OJR with ‘New News’ retrospective: Is online news reaching its potential?.
Yes, 10 years ago — and even recently — the selling point was “Web as bottomless newshole” which turns out to be exactly what people don’t need.
And newspaper news sites still don’t provide the convenience and utilitarian features that readers want. It may be that services like Google News and Findory do provide that utilitarian usefulness while using the content from mainstream media.
What a lost opportunity: Aggregators become primary news sources because mainstream news media sites failed to provide the tools readers wanted.
New forms of story telling haven’t moved far from “gee-whiz that looks cool” — yet. Hopefully, we’ll learn!
Nora nails the state of online news. Hopefully, in Boom 2.0 our promises will better match our readers’ wants and the reality will be a little closer to the promise. They had better.

Ken Sands via Susan Mernit

Online Publisher Ken Sands in Spokane has good good points in this Online News post that the indefatigable Susan Mernit posted to her blog.

“If you think about it, posting a newspaper online is giving people a snapshot of yesterday’s news. We should instead, give them today’s news and a bit of tomorrow’s news, as well as making full use of the unique attributes of the web, including: immediacy, interactivity, utility, multimedia, entertainment, archiving, aggregation and community publishing.”

— Ken Sands

Snoop Dog does Google

From Images on Gizoogle…
Lauren passed this one along as a fun site … and it is: www.gizoogle.com (language warning).
Course it was created by a guy — John Beatty — who’s from the hinterlands of York, Pa., not exactly Snoop Dog song territory, but he calls it a tribute to the Snoop Dog. See story in his local paper.
And in the sad but true department: Google had the York Daily Record article index, but the paper’s Web site didn’t. Who ate our lunch?

Baseball season is here

Mark scores a run
The Knox Sox were in a tournament in Farragut this weekend. Friday, there were snow flurries and a cold game. Satruday was a much better day: sunny, mild and two wins. (click on the photo to see a larger version)

Google SMS rocks

I was playing with Google’s SMS feature. You can search yellow pages, residential listings, weather, movie times and definitions simply by entering some text and sending a text message to 46645.
It works really fast — and well. It found my telephone white pages listing with all the correct info, told me the weather and gave me a definition for the word “parse”.

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Send a plate flying

Fixed some brain errors that hosed the Post Card program that sends “plate cards.” Send a photo of one of these beautiful Westmoore Pottery plates to someone! Send one now.

And the celebrating continues

The Lady Vols beat No. 1-ranked LSU to win their first SEC title in five years. Here’s what Coach Pat Head Summitt said:

“I’m glad to get up on the ladder and do something other than wash windows. I got to cut down the nets.”

Beautiful Saturday

A very beautiful March Saturday in Knoxville. Sunny, 60 or so breezy.
Jogging (I call it jogging … a fast walker could pass me, no doubt) at Lakeshore, I could hear:
* The yells from the soccer fields.
* The ping of aluminum bats at the batting cage.
* Walkers on their cell phones.
A wonderful hint of spring in early March. The forecast looks equally splendid.