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Learn more about the Black in Appalachia podcast

Journalist and activist Angela Dennis and University of Tennessee sociologist and critical studies scholar Dr. Enkeshi El-Amin will talk about the Black in Appalachia podcast in a session for the East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists on Feb. 2 at noon.

Registration details for the one-hour Zoom event are on the ETSPJ website. It will be livestreamed on the East Tennessee SPJ Facebook page as well with no pre-registration required.

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The storming of the Capitol is archived

The FBI and District of Columbia police are searching for people involved in the violence at the Capitol on Wednesday — and they’re finding them and they are likely to find and arrest more.

Along with these official law enforcement efforts, volunteers are scouring and scraping up visual evidence. It’s an amazing effort.

There is gigabyte-upon-gigabyte of crowdsourced images, videos, social posts referenced on the DataHoarder subreddit from the terrifying rioting mob. And it’s growing.

Some of the source material has been disappearing since Wednesday as it dawns on participants that shooting video and photos of themselves and their friends committing crimes at the Capitol was not their most stellar decision.

Many of those moments are being saved before they can slip away in the ether and DataHoarders is where they are sharing their efforts.

Over 210 gigabytes of images and videos from their work have been uploaded to a New Zealand-based cloud storage service called MEGA.

Another group,, which describes itself as “an independent international collective of researchers, investigators and citizen journalists using open source and social media investigation,” has a Google spreadsheet of video and images.

European search engine and archive company Intelligence X has a large collection of video and photo links from the Capitol riot. (click the “tree view” tab).

There are doubtless other efforts. These is amazing crowd-sourcing going on. Glad there are tools like Youtube-DL available.

And if you think the descriptions of Jan. 6 a the Capitol are exaggerated, just spend some time perusing these archives.

Photo credit: By TapTheForwardAssist, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

FBI wanted posted.

(Here is how to contact the FBI regarding violence at the Capitol.)


Top 25 Google search terms in Knoxville for 2020

The top 25 rising Google search terms for the Knoxville area in 2020 are not much of a surprise — almost of them had to do with “Life in the Pandemic” or the election. Popular Google Doodle Games, Kobe Bryant, Tesla stock and PS5 may be the exceptions.

The top 25 rising Google searches for the year.

  1. coronavirus Breakout
  2. stimulus check Breakout
  3. coronavirus tennessee Breakout
  4. election results Breakout
  5. 2020 election results Breakout
  6. coronavirus update Breakout
  7. covid symptoms 4800%
  8. election results #election2020 4550%
  9. december global holidays 3650%
  10. coronavirus symptoms 3350%
  11. thank you coronavirus helpers 2550%
  12. coronavirus tips 2350%
  13. popular google doodle games 2200%
  14. election 1600%
  15. worldometer 1400%
  16. kobe bryant 1300%
  17. who is winning the election 1250%
  18. ps5 1100%
  19. unemployment 1000%
  20. weather tomorrow 950%
  21. tn unemployment 950%
  22. jobs4tn 850%
  23. cdc 600%
  24. zoom 450%
  25. tesla stock 350%

The results for the state of Tennesse were similar, but include George Floyd, Joe Biden and Kim Jong Un. Tesla stock did not make the state top 25.

Google defines “rising” as “queries with the biggest increase in search frequency since the last time period. Results marked “Breakout” had a tremendous increase, probably because these queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches.”

Data from Google Trends.