And the celebrating continues

The Lady Vols beat No. 1-ranked LSU to win their first SEC title in five years. Here’s what Coach Pat Head Summitt said:

“I’m glad to get up on the ladder and do something other than wash windows. I got to cut down the nets.”

Beautiful Saturday

A very beautiful March Saturday in Knoxville. Sunny, 60 or so breezy.
Jogging (I call it jogging … a fast walker could pass me, no doubt) at Lakeshore, I could hear:
* The yells from the soccer fields.
* The ping of aluminum bats at the batting cage.
* Walkers on their cell phones.
A wonderful hint of spring in early March. The forecast looks equally splendid.

Newsroom managers

This photo of newsroom managers was taken by photographer Saul Young for associate editor Georgiana Vines, who retired last week. George came to the News Sentinel in 1968 and only left for a couple of years to edit the Scripps paper in El Paso. I’m sure she’ll be as busy as ever.

Disintermediation in the 500 channel world

Noticed an item about BrightCove on John Battelle’s blog.
TV over the Internet? Jeremy Allaire (who brought us Cold Fusion) thinks so and he’s got $5.5 million in VC money to burn.
Allaire envisions a future where:

“a creative spark, a camera and a computer were are all it takes to put television programming before the eyes of consumers.”

Sounds like blogs for TV? And I thought newspapers had problems.