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Disintermediation in the 500 channel world

Noticed an item about BrightCove on John Battelle’s blog.
TV over the Internet? Jeremy Allaire (who brought us Cold Fusion) thinks so and he’s got $5.5 million in VC money to burn.
Allaire envisions a future where:

“a creative spark, a camera and a computer were are all it takes to put television programming before the eyes of consumers.”

Sounds like blogs for TV? And I thought newspapers had problems.

Online Media

Yahoo turns 10!

Yahoo is a decade old tomorrow, March 2. Hard to believe, revenues of $3.57 billion, net income of $834 million, a market cap of $44.41 billion. … Hey, maybe there is real money in this Internet thing.
In the early years, it was the site with the funny name where you found stuff. It survived the Bubble. So far, it has survived Microsoft and Google.
Here’s an article with Jerry Yang and Wired’s take “The UnGoogle (Yes, Yahoo!)
Happy Birthday Yahoo!


Will Sudduth (2/27/1925-2/23/2005)

I went to my Uncle Will’s funeral Saturday in Hickory, N.C.
(William Sudduth, 2/25/1995 – 2/23/2005, a native of Coila, Miss., who lived nearly all his adult life on Snow Creek Road in Hickory in a house I spent many hours in as a child.)
The service included his sons, and grandsons and a couple nephews playing a few country/bluegrass songs, including the “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.” Guitars, electric bass, drums, fiddle, mandolin .. it was a nice tribute.
Eddie and Earl Sudduth, Stanley Edwards and lots of others have played music at family gatherings like Christmas and reunions for almost as long as I can remember … and Will certainly enjoyed that.
There was a wonderful story about a woman who noticed the wreath at the house and stopped and left a card. She said Will waved at her and her pre-school age daughter from his front porch nearly every morning and the daughter had called him “Paw Paw.” Even though they had never met and she didn’t know his name, Will had touched their lives.
While a sad reason to get together, I saw some cousins and their children and their grandchildren that I hadn’t seen in quit a while. That was good.