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  • Time marches through the neighborhood

    1985 view of my neighborhood via KGIS imagery

    With new census data just out for Knoxville and Tennessee (Explore), here’s a fun look at how my Northshore Hills neighborhood has changed from 1959 to present using aerial imagery from the Knoxville, Knox County, Knoxville Utilities Board Geographic Information System, usually just called KGIS. Credits: Images:KCIS: https://www.kgis.org/portal/?portalid=0 Audio:Fast Talkin by Kevin MacLeod is licensed […]

  • Second Knoxville Tesla Supercharger under construction

    Tesla supercharger. (Public domain via Flickr)

    UPDATE: This 250 kW supercharger recently became operational and should make supercharging in Knoxville a bit easier. The 150 kW supercharger in Turkey Creek was often full and with a line on weekends. Photos appeared Tuesday in Tesla groups on Facebook of a second supercharger in Knoxville. which looks like it could be functional within […]